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Not just a service but a solution to them

Growing Gyms and their member's engagement through online video content that shows the incredible staff and incredible services on offer.

Building Customers Trust through personalized videos expressing how your services work, and how you keep customers safe during the Pandemic.

Working with Small & Large Cap Companies to achieve epic video content that connects with their audience.

Businesses and Companies

Building Client's trust in local Personal Trainers, through online video content that helps express that individual's unique style of training to new potential clients.

For entrepreneurs with a new Brand, Label or IP to promote, I can help make a video that gets right to the point your markets attention.

Self-Employed Sole Traders

Bootique Production with Powerful Results

Great for Businesses, Companies and Individual Self Employed Entrepreneurs

My Videos Help Grow Engagement and Customer Trust

Video content that is made to help grow your business

Videos made in the uprise of Social Media, mastering the correct formats

1:1, 4:3 and Verticle Videos that are Perfect bite-Sized 10-15 Seconds long for Social Media Spots like Instagram Stories and Facebook Posts.

Videos that are striking to the point, and get everyone's attention.

Social Media Advertisement

My Social Videos are shot with Commercial TV in mind.

If you decide to use the content we shot for Social media it will most certainly be usable for Commercial TV.

Please note that labor fees apply to re-edit and export your video in a new format*

In-Depth Case Studies for Individuals, Corporate & Companies.

Commercial TV & Corporate Case Studies

Grow your Social Media Presence

Engaing Video Marketing for Social Media, Commercial TV & Corporate Case Studies

My Services take into account your market, product, and service to make sure you are getting the right video that will best suit your needs.

My services are treated with the same quality and attention no matter the project Budget.

Business Growth with Video Content

Invest into awesome Video content that can be used over and over again.

My services are treated with the same quality and attention no matter the project Budget, so they can be used a wide variety of Online Content.


video content that has multiple use cases.

  • Websites

  • Social Accounts

  • Commercial TV

  • Billboards

Videos that Grow with You

Wide Range of Services

Brands & Labels

Fashion & Gym Wear

Kickstarter Projects

Corporate Case Studies

Product Video & Photography

Weddings & Real Estate

Event Coverage

Interviews & Documentaries

Music Videos & Short Films

Ideation & Conceptualization

Building the idea from scratch or building on the idea you already have.

We will work together either In-person or through Zoom Calls to find an idea that would best suit your Business, we also discuss your budget, video fees and find a quote that fits.

This mostly entails me getting to understanding you and your Business, Your Goals, and Milestones.

Understanding whom your market demographic is directed to and what you are looking to promote.

The Production Process

Your projects from Idea to Delivery


Production, also known as 'Principle Photography'

Turning up to Location with the necessary Crew and putting in the hard work to capture your project.


Once we have set a foundation & price that you are happy with we can jump into Pre-Production.

Pre-Production we will  Script  and Story Board your Project, Go Location Scouting, Finding Talent if needed.

I also will go through Budgeting, Logistics, Permissions and Call Sheets!


A final delivery video in a scaleable format that best suits you!
Instagram (Stories, IGTV, Posts), Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, TV
8-Bit, 10-bit & 12-bit Commercial ready needs and up to DCI-4k, 6K

I always deliver multiple formats so one video will work best for Instagram as well as YouTube


Editing your project with a whole production suite

Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Color Grading, Sound Design.

Unique Display-Prep and Image Pipeline Process

Helping to create images with a professional but unique signature style.

Throughout editorial, I use Frame.io so you can easily review my current edits and send & receive feedback quickly and swiftly.

Kit & Equipment

Lastly, I own much of my own equipment In-House, keeping external rental costs low for your projects, and allowing for a more flexible shooting schedule.

Now you know my Services

You could learn a bit about me or contact me, I don't bite!