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Boutique Video Production

Video Production Overview

Flexible, Powerful, Scaleable Video Production.


Full-Production (Production)
Full production is the most involved service I offer, it’s a completely hands-off service where we scope your project to your budget and what we can achieve with it, hiring all the right crew to make the ship sail smoothly and to create Cinema and Commercial ready work that is completely unique and outstanding.

Once the budget is confirmed, I will assemble a talented team of industry professionals, to what the project requires from Directors to Producers, to Camera and Catering.


We will work very closely with an appointed project lead from either the Client or the Agency side and will work with and take on the full production of your video project from the budgeting, planning, producing, filming, editing, and delivery of your video content.

We scope your project to your budget without compromise to achieve the most with it, It's a service for Commercial TV and Cinema ready delivery with budgets ranging from £10k+

Who is it best for and When is it best used?

Great for agencies or larger businesses who want to both off-load all of the Video Production work and process onto a separate entity like a dedicated video production company like mine but also want to give lots of Creative control to industry professionals, it’s paramount to have industry experts involved with the whole production to make the ship sail smoothly.

Ideal for work to be used on High-End Commercial TV, Cinema usage and Social Media.

Service is available for individual bespoke projects only.

Interim-Production (Production / Videographer)

Interim production is a simplified and more lightweight production, It is also more flexible and budget-friendly as depending on your specific project's requirements, it can involve just me, as a videographer, planning, and scheduling the work, or it can involve a larger crew of 10+ to make your project happen.

I scope your project to fit your budget while, achieving high-quality, commercial-ready work with smaller crews and budgets ranging from £1k to £50k+. Whether you're looking for a videographer or a smaller video production team to take on your video needs, I can deliver the results you need, to the budget you require.

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Who is it best for and When is it best used?
Great for individuals and companies that already have a marketing manager, video producer, or project lead who can and wants to handle most of the video producing and scheduling themselves to save on budget and crew, but require a video production team to assist and sort the technical side such as crew with camera, lighting, sound, and logistics.

Elements like cast and props will be a joint effort together

Ideal for work to be used on Low to Mid Commercial TV, Cinema and Social Media.

Service is available for both individual bespoke projects and retainers.


Videographer (Videographer / DoP / Camera Person)
In addition, I also provide a completely standalone videography service to both meet your own video production and on-set needs, as well the needs of marketing departments as a flexible videographer when you need an experienced camera person and editor, without all the production backing.

On-Set roles such as Director of Photography, Videographer, Lighting Cameraman, Camera Operator, DIT, Editor.

Who is it best for and When is it best used?
Great for Video Agencies and Video Production Companies as I offer my services on a 'Labour and Kit Only' basis so you can take advantage of my professional-grade equipment and skilled labour without needing any of my own production services, Great If you only need assistance with either filming, the editing and or delivery

Service is available for both individual projects and retainers.

Video Services Overview
Perfected to your needs, and so much more.

Content Creation Day
Whole day planned just for making Social Media content for use over the next month.

Explainer Videos, Brand Labels, Fashion and Gym Wear Clothing.
Products Branding, Explainer Videos along with Kickstarter Campaigns.
Commercial & Corporate Case Studies.

Real Estate Photography and Videography.
Recruitment & Training Videos, Studies and Testimonial Videos.
Weddings & Real Estate, After Movies & Event Coverage.
Interviews, Documentaries, Commercial TV, Music Videos, Short Films.

Facebook and Instagram Ads for IG Posts and IGTV.
Social Media Presence with Strong Engaging 10-15-30 Second Cut Down Edits.
Internal Company wide Training videos.
Internal marketing propositions to propose and lead key new ideas.

Complementary Services Supplied In-House
Services Supplied in-house by me, complementary to my production.

Graphics Design & Motion Graphics Design
I'm very well versed in todays Graphics and Visual Design language and colour theory which all play a huge part in the Brand Cohesion I supply.

Lite Visual Effects
Screen Replacements, Blemish Removals, Brand Removals, Clean Plate Clean-ups, Stabilizing Footage, Camera Relights, Camera tracking and Planar Tracking

DI - Digital Intermediate
Completely Unique Display prep Pipeline, Beautiful color managed results.
Read More

These service are usually not available as standalone but complementary to my production.

Marketing & Socials

Marketing, Advertisement, Socials


Social Media Management (Lite)
I don't provide social media management or dedicated marketing services.

I do however collaborate closely with your designated social media manager and marketing team to establish a strong visual style that matches your brand for your video content, this can be creating thumbnails that fits your brand.

If you don't have a dedicated creative or tech savvy Social Media Manager, I can still collaborate with those in charge to help maximize the content we produce and provide technical instruction on how to use the content we produce.

This way you can still utilize our excellent video content without needing to have or be a tech-savvy Social
Media Manager to benefit from the powerful video content we produce together.

That's what makes me the perfect partner to combine with your marketing team to help you create compelling video and photographic content for your social media and marketing campaigns and needs because I understands what social media marketing is all about.

Social Media Marketing
I understand Social Media Marketing and Social media sites, to help create content that helps connect and engage with your audiences, Strengthen your brand and leaves a positive lasting impression because your brand is the mission statement of your company, product, or organization.

Brand Cohesion
One of the major elements that set me apart is that I understand how important Brand Cohesion is in today's commercial TV and Social Media marketing and my Video Production is made to represent and enhance your brand with confidence all while being made to stand out!


Cinema & TV Ready

Professionally Mastered, High-Spec Content

Technical Specifications

16:9, 1:1, 9:16, Image capture for Social Media.

2k, 4k, 6k, DCI & UHD @ 23.975,24,25,50,60p Masters.

1.33x, 1.6x, 2x Anamorphic Capture.

HighSpeed Image Capture upto 120-240fps.

Up to 12-Bit 4:4:4 Image Capture, 10-bit/8-Bit 4:2:2 Masters.

H.264, H.265 HEVC and DNxHR, ProRes.

Completely Unique Display Prep Image Pipeline Process.

Extreme Attention to image detail.

QC Legal Data Levels for TV Broadcast.

All Delivered Via Frame.IO Cloud-based collaboration platform.




Unique Display Prep Pipeline Process
Netflix, HDR, Color-Managed Supported Display prep

Beautiful color managed results made for Social media, Commercial TV & Netflix.

Unique attention to detail with my Unique Image Pipeline Process always delivering beautiful results every time.

Log Curvs > Rec709 QC Legal Data Levels - Broadcast Safe
Log Curvs > Rec2020
Sony S-Cinetone > Broadcast


Framing & Formats that work
Social Media Formats and Framing that fit!

Commercial and Social media Marketing has gotten more complex on a technical level, no matter your end goals I can meet the technical requirements you need.

With strategies such as Seamless multi-posts campaigns to Instagram,

Verticle 9:16 or 1:1 IGTV Posts and wide screen banners for Facebook.

I understand these display goals so nothing is compromised when displayed!

Along with the Technical formats such as
H.264 in MP4 formats & ​
AAC Audio.







Asset Libraries & Collaboration Services

Single and Multi-Online edits, Incredible asset libariesy.

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Collaborative Services
Cloud-based collaboration platform enables me and my Clients to stay connected, providing frame-accurate comments, annotations and make approvals on video edits, images, and more.

On-Set Video Serving
Production supports the TERADEK SERV to provide camera picture and audio to clients on upto 15+ IOS and Android Devices for Art Departments, Camera, Directors, AD's, Script Supervisors.

Off-Set Camera to Cloud
Supports footage to be uploaded directly online to be re-viewed as the production is in still progress.

Off-Set Streaming
Off-set Streaming supplied via TERADEK CORE and TERADEK TV.


Stock Library

Unparalleled Asset Library
Over the years I have designed and collected a massive array of Commercially Licensed, Plugins, Visual Assets and Sound SFX, adding unparalleled value and power to your projects, without the usual heavy costs associated with designing new assets for every project.


Music & SFX Library

Licensed Music Library
Fully Licensed Music Library service from that give me an incredible selection of Music and tracks that are forever growing and being added to.

These tracks are not paid for individually so passing savings onto my Clients.
My Music is not limited to but License Requirements will cost extra.

GB Flag STD BW.png

The RED7STUDIOS Standard

Good enough is not deliverable, But Excellence is.

My Commitment to producing completely unique and carefully crafted commercial-ready stories &
 branded video content tailored just to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience, shooting and creating unmatched video content that is proven by uncompromised results.

Now you know my Services
You could learn a bit about me or contact me, I don't bite!

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