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Boutique Production with Powerful Results

Video Production

Poweful & Efficient Video Production with a wide range Services & Solutions.

Explainer Videos, Brand Labels, Fashion and Gym Wear Clothing
Products Branding & Explainer Videos along with Kickstarter Campaigns
Commercial & Corporate Case Studies
Recruitment & Training Studies, Testimonial Videos

Weddings & Real Estate
After Movies & Event Coverage
Interviews, Documentaries, Commercial TV
Music Videos, Short Films

Video content that helps Connect you to your audience.
Strengthen and Enhanced your Brand.
leaves a Postitive lasting impression.
Increases Yearly Revenue.
Builds Customer Engagement and trust 

Video Marketing & Advertisement

Perfected Video for Social Media Advertisements & Commercial TV to grow your Brand.

Website Engagement Videos usable for years!
Comercial TV Advertisement.
Facebook and Instagram Ads for IG Posts and IGTV.
Social Media Presence with Strong Engaging 10-15-30 Second Cut Down Edits



Cinema & TV Ready Deliveries

Professionally Mastered, High-Spec Content

2k, 4k, 6k, DCI & UHD @ 23.975,24,25,50,60p Masters
HighSpeed Image Capture upto 120-240fps
Up to 12-Bit 4:4:4 Image Capture, 10-bit/8-Bit 4:2:2 Masters
H.264, H.265 HEVC and DNxHR, ProRes
Completely Unique Display Prep Image Pipeline Process
Extreme Attention to image detail
QC Legal Data Levels for TV Broadcast.
All Delivered Via Frame.IO Cloud-based collaboration platform


Powered with Frame.IO Cloud servers

Cloud-based collaboration platform enables me and my Clients to stay connected  Providing Frame-accurate comments, Annotations and make Approvals on video edits, images, and more.

Saving editing time and Costs on a Secure network,


Unparelled Asset Library

Huge Commercially Licensed Asset Libary

Over the years I have collected a Massive array of fully Commercially Licensed Visual assets and Sound library Assets from Video FX overlays to incredible SFX Sounds from across a wide range of incredible paid-for services.

Along with a Fully Licensed Stock Library service from
Artgrid.io giving me an ever growing library of high end stock footage.

These Asset's are passed onto your projects available to use on your videos with no extra costs adding Unparalleled value, Flexibility and power to your projects.


Stock Library Artgrid.io


Licensed Music Library

Commercially Licensed Music

Fully Licensed Music Library service from Artlist.io that give me an incredible selection of Music and tracks that are forever growing and being added to.

These tracks are not paid for individually so passing savings onto my Clients.
My Music is not limited to
Artlist.io but License Requirements will cost extra.


Music & SFX Library Artlist.io

Video Costs, Budgeting and Scope of Work.

Always Delivering more than the Budget, Doubling your Videos Value.

At RED7STUDIOS I pride myself on creating Incredible videos with uncompromised results.
Depending on your experience with video production, it may surprise you how expensive video production can cost even on a very small scale and that's because of how much talent, years of experience (failing and learning), along with time that is involved with shooting video content, especially video content that is perfected for your needs and to your audience that wont fail your brands image during production and well after production has wrapped.

Business Overview/Product Explainer videos usually start at £3k-5k
£3,000 is usually the absolute baseline when hiring any well-established video production company or even self-shooter.
This usually covers the meetings and weeks worth of labour planning and scheduling your project during the Ideation and Pre-Production stage as well as the physical act of filming your project, the equipment rental costs and finally the Post production editing stage and delivery.

"93% of businesses who use video believe it has increased user understanding of their service, using video to showcase your business will help to develop your brand perception, which should help you create fruitful marketing campaigns."

TV Production usually costs between £10k-£500k
How does a £10k-£20k budget differ from a £5,000 budget?
Putting it simply, Everything can be given more time and more dedicated attention.
More variety on Casted talent along with talented crews can be hired for each dedicated department, more time to plan and schedule the production and most importantly more budget to spend on physical assets like materials to build sets, Leasing out props and vehicles, renting locations and equipment for the purpose of filming your project.

Effective basic days shooting rate start at £500-£1000
This affords my labor, and base Kit and Equipment, such as Camera, Ligthing, Grip

First-Time Startups Production should start at £1k+
That affords my labor, Kit and Equipment, Post-Production and Music for your project.

I am open to working with a wide range of budgets, If you're budget is Sub
£1,000 even Sub £500 It doesn't mean we can't make it work, Give me a Call, Throw me an email because there are often ways we can make it work.

I make it my mission to always invest double into the content I create no matter the budget

The Video Production Process

It starts with Listening to you.

Ideation & Conceptualization

Building the idea from scratch or building on the idea you already have.

We will work together either In-person or through Zoom Calls to find an idea that would best suit your Business, we also discuss your budget, video fees and find a quote that fits.

It all starts with me getting to  understanding you  and your Business, Your Goals, and your Milestones.
Understanding whom your market demographic is directed to and what you are looking to promote.


Production, also known as 'Principle Photography'

Turning up to Location with the necessary Crew and putting in the hard work to capture your project.


Once we have set a foundation & price that you are happy with we can jump into Pre-Production.

Pre-Production we will  Script  and Story Board your Project, Go Location Scouting, Finding Talent if needed.

I also will go through Budgeting, Logistics, Permissions and Call Sheets!


A final delivery video in a scaleable format that best suits you!
Instagram (Stories, IGTV, Posts), Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, TV
8-Bit, 10-bit & 12-bit Commercial ready needs and up to DCI-4k, 6K

I always deliver multiple formats so one video will work best for Instagram as well as YouTube


Editing your project with a whole production suite

Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Color Grading, Sound Design.

Unique Display-Prep and Image Pipeline Process

Helping to create images with a professional but unique signature style.

Throughout editorial, I use Frame.io so you can easily review my current edits and send & receive feedback quickly and swiftly.

Kit & Equipment

Lastly, I own much of my own equipment In-House, keeping external rental costs low for your projects, and allowing for a more flexible shooting schedule.

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The RED7STUDIOS Standard

Good enough is not deliverable, But Excellence is.

My Commitment to producing completely unique and carefully crafted commercial-ready stories &
 branded video content tailored just to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience, shooting and creating unmatched video content that is proven by uncompromised results.

Now you know my Services

You could learn a bit about me or contact me, I don't bite!