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Samuel Bignell

This is me

During my professional years, I have worked for Small, Medium, and Large Companies along with well known brand names such as
Freetrade, Samsung, Vodaphone, MasterCard, MG, Channel 4, BBC, NHS, Omaze, Houzz along with many more!

I have worked with and learned from some of the best & most talented Creative individuals who work within the Film & TV industry around the UK & Europe

About me
I'm an Independent Freelance Filmmaker working in Film & TV industry Professionally since the age of 18.

I'm based in East Anglia, Suffolk, Ipswich, Just a short drive from Colchester, Chelmsford, London, and Norwich.

Years of Experience
While I have worked in the Industry Professionally for 6+ Years I have been playing with cameras and making Videos and Films as a hobbyist for over 8+ years.




Boutique Video Production Service Based in East Anglia, Suffolk, Ipswich.
Been in Service for over 5 years.

I'm a one stop shop, specialized at creating exciting and engaging video content that is full of emotion, movement, and expressive visuals that are tailored for Sole-Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Agencies to help connect your Business, Product, and or Creative passion through carefully crafted commercial ready videos.


No project is the same as another and each comes with its own challenges to overcome and every project is treated as a completely unique individual piece of carefully crafted storytelling tailored to you and your needs.


I understand your brand is your culture and the mission statement of your company, product, or organization which is why my Videos are made to represent your brand correctly and with confidence while also standing out!

My Video content helps Connect you to your audience, Strengthen your brand, and leaves a lasting impression, Increase Yearly Revenue and Customer Engagement. 

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The RED7STUDIOS Standard

Good enough is not deliverable, But Excellence is.

My Commitment to producing completely unique and carefully crafted commercial-ready stories &
 branded video content tailored just to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience, shooting and creating unmatched video content that is proven by uncompromised results.

Now you know about me

You could see my Services or Contact me for any questions and inquiries!

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