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About me


This is me, Samuel Bignell
Founder & Creative Director at RED7STUDIOS (Video Production Company)
Location: East Anglia, Suffolk, Ipswich

Introductory & Hobbyist Days
Samuel has worked in the Industry professionally since 2015, (8-Years) but has been playing with cameras and making Videos and Films as a hobbyist since he was 12 making short films and doing photography and even learnt Visual Effects and Motion Graphics when he was 14 and as built up a very strong eye for Color Theory and a strong Visual Design Language.

Early Professional Years 2015-2019
Samuel started out as a Behind the Scene EPK Unit but very quickly found his footing in the camera department and worked as a 1st AC / Focus Puller and Camera Operator for 4 years within the industry all while working with his own production company 'RED7STUDIOS' on the side.

Mid-Late Professional Years (2019-Current)
Samuel has been extraordinarily lucky to have been able to work on such a wide variety of jobs within the industry which includes
1st unit Boom Operating
DIT, DI / Colourist, Grip & Lighting Departments, 1st AC Focus Puller and Camera Operator within both Short Films & Feature Films.

I have worked with named brands such as Channel 4, NHS, BFI, MG Motors, Lotus, Vodaphone, Samsung, Team-Brit, Mastercard, Houzz UK, Suffolk County Council, Time Team, Smyth and Toys, Energie Fitness and so much more!

I have worked with and learned from some of the best & most talented Creative individuals who work within the Film & TV industry around the UK & Europe.

Learning Matters: Digital Media Competence Diploma, Media Studies - Level 3
CSV Media: Digital Photography, Pre-Production, Digital Graphics, Virtual Performance, Composite Effects, Media Studies - Level 2

MASTER LOGO SIMPLE (0-00-00-00).png

About my Business


My Business
Boutique Video Production Service Based in East Anglia, Suffolk, Ipswich.
My Mission Statement - Good enough is not deliverable, But Excellence is.

RED7STUDIOS is a one-stop shop, full video production company that can supply the whole video production process from the original idea to final delivery and everything in-between, but here at RED7STUDIOS I don't only supply an all or nothing video production service.

My services can be broken down into only what you need and as little as you need, down to just a single Camera Operator for your production or a self Shooting Videographer.

Because of this flexibility I can also be more affordable and can full-fill your marketing and branded needs in a budget and scale that makes sense for your business structure.

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The RED7STUDIOS Standard

Good enough is not deliverable, But Excellence is.

My Commitment to producing completely unique and carefully crafted commercial-ready stories &
 branded video content tailored just to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience, shooting and creating unmatched video content that is proven by uncompromised results.

Now you know about me

You could see my Services or Contact me for any questions and inquiries!

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