Samuel Bignell

This is me


During my professional years, I have worked for Small, Medium, and Large-Cap Blue Chip Companies along with brands and well-known names such as

Freetrade, Samsung, Vodaphone, MasterCard, MG, Channel 4, BBC, NHS, Omaze along with many more!

I have worked with and learned from some of the best & most talented Creative individuals who work within the Film & TV industry around the UK & Europe

About me

I'm an Independent Freelance Filmmaker working in Film & TV industry Professionally since the age of 18.

I'm based in East Anglia, Suffolk, Ipswich, Just a short drive from Colchester, Chelmsford, London, and Norwich.

Years of Experience
While I have worked in the Industry Professionally for 4-5 Years I have been playing with cameras and making Videos and Films as a hobbyist for over 8+ years.



Now you know about me

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Bootique Video Production Service,

Based in East Anglia, Suffolk, I specialize in creating exciting and engaging video content that is full of emotion, movement, and expressive visuals that are tailored for Sole-Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Agencies to help express your Business and Creative passion to your audience.


I work on a project by project basis, every project I work on takes my full attention.

No project is the same as another and comes with its own challenges to overcome and every project is treated as a unique individual piece of carefully crafted storytelling.


I don't believe good enough, Is ever good enough,

With a total of over 12+ Years shooting films and branded content,

I have kept myself to an ever-rising level of high standards of production, image, and sound quality that must be considered Commercial ready and are treated equally across all, and every project I shoot.