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Boutique Production that's Cost Effective

Pricing & Retainers

Boutique Production that's Cost Effective

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Pricing & Retainers
Retainers are available on all my services as listed in "Services"

Pricing is entirely dependent on the project and the Scope of work.
No project is the same as another and each is treated entirely differently.

Very Small Productions
On average my Clients s
pend around £500-£1.500* for a one-person crew, one full day of filming, and a single day of editing.

Small Productions
On average my Clients spend around £1,500-£5,000* for a one-person crew, three full days of filming, and two days of editing.

Small to Medium Productions
Please contact me for a quote!


Flexible & Affordable

Retainer Basics
Save Money and Time on your long & short term projects and marketing.

​What's a Retainer?
Retainers are essentially buying a set amount of a production companies time each month.

Retainer Lengths
Retainers with me usually last between 3-Months, 6-Months and upto 12-Months, Retainers can be upgaded at anytime if you realise you require more days.

Why Retainers can be beneficial.
Retainers are like having an in-house creative video production team for less than the annual salary of an in-house video producer, also without the large and expensive equipment purchases, maintenance and physical equipment or data storage that comes along with having a team in-house.

Retainers are great to complete either fixed regular projects as apart of a long or short term marketing strategy, or even work flexibly on multiple different projects or strategies for internal or external use across the year.

Retainers also gives priority treatment and access on your projects and have lower-per project cost as your essentially pre-paying for the time.

How it works
Lets say you wanted to regularly produce a variety of different video content for either Internal and External uses within your company/business.

We discuss the work you would require known as the 'Scope of Work' which includes the Days & Labour required, Equipment and Expenses, Milage and optional Terms to then come up with a monthly cost and length that works for you.

The amount is then adjusted against the actual services I provide each month.
The monthly retainer is made to cover the costs of the actual services I provide each month, additional costs are only if the scope of work changed significantly such as extra Days, Milage, Expenses like Equipment were required to complete the work set out that month.

Who is it best for?
If you know you need content shot regularly either for Internal or External use then a retainer can save you money and time without any sacrifice in quality, It's also more flexible knowing you have instant access to a video creative each month.

If you are producing a long-term documentary around the UK and you might only need a semi-regular camera crew or individual to film for 2-3 days a month, or you need access to small or large video production year round a few days a month a retainer would make sense for this.

If your business needs to regularly film and produce a financial podcast or informative videos in as et location for social accounts or to film and photograph new clothing collections for just a few days each month around the year, a retainer would also make sense for this.

Who is it not best for?
It's not ideal for large bespoke video projects like High-end TV Commercials over £10k in scope as each project is far too individualized to price with a retainer.

If you simply don't require regular filming monthly, It would make more sens
e to just do one-off Individual projects, even if you still require a few projects filmed a year.


Retainer Benefits
Perfect for Marketing Strategies, Documentaries, Internal Video Work

  • Retainers are cheaper than individual projects and even employment
    Access to creative video production for less than the annual salary of an in-house video producer.

    Retainers also offers predictable marketing expenses, rather than budgeting projects one at a time as you are 
    essentially pre-paying for the work like direct employment, You will also have much more cost-effective marketing and Internal video resources.

  • Flexibility
    During this time, the video production company can work on not just one but multiple different projects for your company, you can also use the days how you need them and when you need more days it always comes at a discount.


  • Priority
    You have priority in the eyes of the Production Company every month, if work overlaps you get priority to get the job done via highly trusted and recommended freelance filmmakers as well as Priority project scheduling.


  • Achieve your Marketing and Project Goals
    Retainers help you achieve, long-term and short-term goals, as you have constant access to a video production team / creative.

  • High-End Equipment without the headache
    Retainers just like projects give you access to my industry-standard equipment for free or at heavily reduced rates without the headache of large and expensive equipment purchases, maintenance, physical and data storag
    e and lastly, annual Production Insurance.
    Additional costs if external Rental Equipment is required to complete the work set out that month.


  • Internal & External Usage
    I also supply video for internal usage not just External Advertisement.
    This can be things like Internal videos used for company wide staff training or Internal marketing propositions for H
    igher-ups to propose and lead with new key ideas within the company It's self


Extra Bonuses with me
Cheaper Days and Flexible Video Production.

  • Extra Bonuses

    • Additional Days (If Required) 

      • Cheaper day-rates upto 35%

      • Cheaper Editorial Days upto 50%

      • Equipment Supplied for free or at heavy discounts.

      • Hassel free Edit changes

    • Regular Meetings with upcoming projects

    • Consistant video quality and content

    • Long standing, working relationships boosts productivity and trust

    • Monthly breakdown sheet of how each agreed day was used

  • General Guidelines

    • The more fixed with what content we are producing each month helps reduce monthly costs.

    • The less fixed with what content I may be shooting each month usually increases costs as well there are higher chances of unexpected costs if the scope of work is suddenly much larger from one day to the next that was not originally agreed accounted for.

    • The longer the Retainer the larger the discounts and bonuses.


Retainer Conditions and Options
Optional Terms and Conditions to be discussed.

  • Retainer Pricing
    Like projects the retainer pricing is entirely dependant on the project(s) and the Scope of Work you require completed each month.

    With Retainers however the costs are usually much lower by upto 10-20% or more as everything is already disscussed, pre-planned and already paid for.

  • Fixed and Flexible 'Scopes of Work'
    With a Fixed 'Scope of Work' I'm set out each month to produce a certain type of video content that we have already planned and discussed, the monthly cost reflects the work we expect todo each month and the time it takes.

    With a Flexible 'Scope of Work' I can be expected to produce a certain type of content but have more of an understanding that I could be used to film anything the company requires within that month within the agreed days.
    There would be additional costs if extra Days, Milage, Expenses and Equipment where required to complete the work set out that month.

  • Monthly Milage Allowence
    If your at a set location each month that's already factored into the cost at a standard rate known as (Milage Allowence)

    If you regularly require unknown travel amounts or a day suddenly requires more travel than usual to complete the job, I would need to charge that as an extra charge but this can be as low as 0.25p p/mile


  • Monthly Expire
    With Monthly Expire the days expire each month, any unused days at the end of the month will expire once the next month starts.

  • Monthly Compounding
    With Monthly Compounding it lets any unused days compound together into the next month based on the compounding terms set in the agreement.
    There is a monthly Compounding Cap which can be Discussed.

  • In-House and External - Equipment & labour
    All my 'In-House' equipment and labour is offered up at discounted rates with the equipment often supplied for free on my retainers.

Retainers with me
Boutique Production with Powerful Results


  • It's the same Boutique and Bespoke service.

  • Everything is negotiable to find a Retainer that fits to you and your needs.

  • Access to high-end industry standard equipment year round.

  • Cheaper day-rates, Hassel free edit changes, Priority service.

  • Flexible and Fixed Retainer Scopes of Work.

  • Video work available for Internal & External use.

  • Almost certainly more affordable than an in-house Video Producer.

  • The RED7STUDIOS Standard where Excellence is the only service I deliver.

GB Flag STD BW.png

The RED7STUDIOS Standard

Good enough is not deliverable, but Excellence is.

My Commitment to producing completely unique and carefully crafted commercial-ready stories &
 branded video content tailored just to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience, shooting and creating unmatched video content that is proven by uncompromised results.

Now you know about my Retainers
You could learn a bit about me or contact me, I don't bite!

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