ARRI Camera Systems Training Certified as of

"August 18th, 2019"


I'm a 23-year-old 1st Assistant Camera/Operator based in Suffolk

I've been working in Film & TV Professionally since the age of 18, based in Suffolk,

I have been a hobbyist playing with cameras since a very young age.



I've Focus Pulled & Operated for Commercials, TV Spots, Features, Shorts Films for named brands such as Samsung, Vodaphone, Mastercard, MG, Channel 4, NHS, Smyth Toys, BBC, Team Brit Racing, Aveva, Omaze and so much more

I've worked with almost all the industry compliant camera systems such as

ARRI Camera Systems: ALEXA, Mini, SXT-W, XT, Amira, ARRICAM LT

Sony Cine Alta Systems: F65, F55, FX9, FS7, FS5, A7III, A7SII+

RED Digital Cinema Systems: RED Dragon, RED EPIC, RED 5k DSMC2 Gemini

Black Magic: Pocket MKI, Ursa MK I

Canon EOS Cine: C300, C300 MK II, C500

and many more

Worked with leading Focus Systems such as

ARRI WCU-4, Preston FI+Z, Cmotion, RT-Motion, DJI-Focus, Tilta Nano

Samuel Benjamin Bignell

Camera, Grip & Electrical Department

Ipswich, United Kingdom


07503 687437



1st AC

SmallHD 502B Series 5" Monitor

Black Magic Video Assist 5" Back-Up Monitor (With Playback)

Teradek Bolt 300 Wireless Video (1-RX 2-TX)


1st AC (Sourced Equipment)

RTMotion Focus+Iris Motor w/remote start-stop for C300,FS7 & ARRI ALEXA

Camwave IDX CW-3 Wireless Video SDI (1-RX 1-TX)


Camera Sony A7RII, GroPro

Gimbal Ronin-SC

Optics EFS 4.5/10-18 - 2.8/17-55

Optics EF/FE 2/28, 1.5/35, 1.8/50, 1.5/85, 2.8/70-200

Optics Super Zooms EF 4.5/100-400, 5.6/150-500

Operator (Sourced Equipment)

Camera RED Komodo, FX9, Blackmagic Pocket 6k

Transport Logistics


Junior Magliner (Dovetail Attachment)


Pelican 1510 (Dividers Padded)

Pelican 1510 (Dividers Padded)

Pelican iM2500 (Padded Sides)

Pelican iM2620 (Trekpak)

Pelican 1120 (Padded Sides)

Pelican 1120 (Padded Sides)


ARRI Medium Floorbag (Main Floor bag)

ARRI Small Floorbag

Cinebag CB11 Floorbag

Lowepro 550AW Trekker

LowePro 350AW ProTactic (Great AC GoBag)

For Enquires and Questions

Please contact me anytime & about anything, I don't bite!



Final Delivery



Samuel Bignell Sole Trading as RED7STUDIOS

Based in Suffolk

Available for work Across the UK & Europe

T: 07503 687 437