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Godox VL150 COB Light (5600k)

Godox VL150 COB Light (5600k)


The Godox VL150 may not be your first choice of light

With a CRI/TLCI of 96/95 on par with Aputure and compared to a 120D MK II it's 27%* Brighter Bare Bulb and a Whopping 770%* Brighter than a 120D MK II and 26% Brighter than a 300D MK II when compared with the included Reflector.



W/Reflector 61,000LUX/5,667FC

WO/Reflector 6,400LUX/594FC


This Light also supported with either Wireless on the App, or Controller and can be powered by 1 V-lock.


While It's output barebuld is not as much as a 300D, With the reflector it's on a wholenother level.

And It's color is on parr with Aputure, If it was worse or less than It would not be a light I would own personally.

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